Something Else I’m Working On….

Because today is Easter and many of us didn’t realize it until last week, my showing was cancelled/postponed. But that’s okay, because now I have more time to prepare and make more art! :]

I’m still working on my Poets & Writers project. But I’m also working on an application to a residency program for graphic narrative. The deadline is in the middle of May but I really want to get my work together much sooner than that, especially since I think this residency is going to help immensely with my thesis. My plan is to walk you all through my process of selecting manuscripts and works-in-progress for the Master Artist to review.

Of course, as I write this I’m out of town and I don’t have any of the materials I need available so I can show you what I’m talking I hate saying this, but next week, really, you’re going to get an intensely awesome post! I mean it this time!

In the meantime, thanks for sticking around even if there haven’t been pretty pictures lately.

News Across the Spectrum: Good, Bad, and Pending.

So I’m still working on my proposal for the Poets & Writers article–I should be sending a draft to the director of my thesis for her approval sometime this week. In the meantime I finally made it to an art store this weekend and got all of the art supplies I need–except, not. I should have bought a set of nibs, but instead I only bought one nib pen. I need a whole set so I can experiment with the differences. Duh. So I’m going to have to make another trip out and get one. But I did get the Ames Lettering Guide and some ink and brushes, so I’m happy. I haven’t really had time to play with them, but when I get a few sketches in I will be sure to post.

I didn’t realize it until just now, but I am actually scheduled to show some of my sequential art at a reading series next weekend! This is really exciting because it is my very first showing of art, but I’m totally unprepared. So in preparation, I’ll be doing a lot of sketching to show process (since the reading series is based on works in process, not finished pieces). I will also be reading some fiction and/or nonfiction, so that is exciting. :) I’ll be sure to have a LOT of pictures for you all next week because the past few weeks have had less drawing than I’d like.

On that note, I’ve been experiencing some issues with my right wrist (which is my dominant hand) on and off for a few months, but lately it has been more persistent. I am suspecting it might be the onset of cubital tunnel (presents on the pinky-side of the hand instead of the thumb-side) so I’m trying to take care of it and not overdo anything until I can get to the doctor and get a proper diagnosis. With this show coming up, though, I’m not sure how well that is going to pan out.

There are only four weeks left in the semester, which means my independent study is coming to an end. I’ve decided to keep this blog up and running though, at least through the end of my MFA. I have one year left, and I’ll be starting work on my thesis over the summer. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on that as I make progress. :)