Cutting as Cleansing

This isn’t comics, but it’s related to writing and might be considered a photo-essay of sorts.

I recently made a big change to my physical appearance, and write about it with my fellow Sirens as we all discuss our relationship with hair in posts made this Saturday.

A week ago, I cut almost twelve inches of my long, curly locks off. It wasn’t the first time I’d cut off a drastic amount of hair. The first time I parted with more than a foot of my curls was four years prior–four years almost to the day.

I sported a lighter shade of brunette back then, and decided cutting my hair was only the proper way to celebrate two huge life changes: changing my major from physics to English and dumping my boyfriend of half a decade. The idea to cut my hair was partially vindictive, as the now-ex-boyfriend loved it dearly, and I was sick of the length, the heat, and the frizziness.

When I told one of my roommates about my plan to chop my hair off, she simply pressed her lips together and let her shoulder sag. “Don’t punish yourself like that,” she said.

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