front page DW-WP with the authors' signatures

From The Windy City

I’m writing from Chicago!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m here for a week to attend the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Annual Conference.

I don’t have a lot of time this week, so there won’t be a comics post and this is going to be brief. Just checking in weekly so you all know I’m alive and still working.

Even though the Conference was only 4 days long, a few friends and I decided to stay for a week so we could enjoy some of what the city has to offer. I’m glad we made that decision. I still won’t be able to see everything, though, the city is huge. But I must say, I do love Chicago. It’s a city that is vibrant with art and book appreciation. The city turns 175 years old today, and that longstanding tradition of history and architecture and the mixing of old and new is present on every street. And everyone here is super nice and friendly. The only drawback is that most of the shops close by 7pm, even on a Friday or Saturday night. Still, I’m having a blast.

The day at AWP I saw looking forward to the most was yesterday, the last day, because of two panels on graphic narrative back to back. One was on literary magazines making room for comics, the other was on pedagogy and using comics in the classroom. Both were very informative panels that I took extensive notes on, so I’ll do a more comprehensive analysis of them when I .get back. The authors of Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, the primary text I’ve been using for my independent study, were on the second panel, so I spotted Matt Madden beforehand and talked with him about how awesome the book is and how I’m excited for the sequel to come out (this May!). He was super nice and incredibly friendly, and he and Jessica Abel signed my book:

front page DW-WP with the authors' signatures

Madden made fun of me because there was eraser dust in the margins.

My experience at AWP was fantastic, and I’m so glad I attended. I’ll share what I learned more in-depth when I get the chance, but for now, I’m off to explore the city!