Here is where you’ll find higher-quality cropped images of all of the sketches I complete while working on this blog. It should be updated weekly. Just click on the thumbnail you’re interested in, and you’ll be directed to the whole sketch.

These images are all posted without watermarks for educational purposes. Please don’t steal. If you’re interested in using my work as a teaching tool, by all means, please do. Just let me know (a comment on this page is sufficient) and post a big link by the picture to reroute back to this blog. :)

Note: Some of these sketches have been cleaned up (or fixed if they were highly skewed) so don’t panic if something doesn’t look exactly the same as it did in the blog posts.

thumbnail of a person running thumbnail of a car speeding thumbnail of a ball falling a thumbnail of a person staggering a thumbnail of a newspaper blowing in the wind a sketch of a ball crashing through a window into a kitchen and ripping through the newspaper of a person sitting in the room while a dog catches the ball in midair. a sketch of two guys fighting, where one guy is throwing a rock at the other guy, and the other guy accidentally shoots a lamp above the first guy's head. a sketch of a nervous little boy giving a nice young woman a box of chocolates pencil sketch of the tip of Mt Everest surrounded by water inked pencil sketch of the tip of Mt Everest surrounded by water based off "The Wrong Planet" activity

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