About Leslie

Leslie Lounging on a FutonLeslie Salas earned an MFA in Creative Writing and is a graduate of a Publishing Institute. She primarily writes prose and poetry and doesn’t bother much with distinctions between fiction and nonfiction. She also writes screenplays and literary cartoons.

Leslie’s day job includes teaching English Composition, Creative Writing, and/or Creative Presentation to students at an entertainment, media, and arts university. She is helping run a major writing conference and also serves as a graphic nonfiction & graphic poetry editor for a web literary magazine and occasionally as a columnist for a literary/culture podcast website or a reader for a web-based anthology. She also has experience as a managing/assistant editor at a major literary journal, where she helped with interior and exterior design layouts for the journal and the chapbooks published by that journal’s publication arm.

Besides writing and drawing and reading and sleeping, Leslie’s favorite hobbies include looking through telescopes, playing ukulele, and making things out of fabric and yarn.

If you happen to run into Leslie somewhere, don’t be shy! Say hello!

2 thoughts on “About Leslie

  1. Arturo Santos Jr. says:

    Hi Leslie,

    My name is Arturo and I am looking forward to attending your session at the Florida Writers Association Mini conference later this month in Altamonte Springs. Your topic of Effective Writing Tools will be a welcomed opportunity for development and learning. Just thought I would extend a greeting in the hopes of connecting.

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