Jack of All Trades: A Case for Studying and Composing in Multiple Genres

I wrote an alumni guest post on reading and writing in multiple genres and mediums for my MFA program’s blog. Check it out!

MFA & Beyond

BookshelvesPhoto Credit: lydia_x_liu via Compfight cc

While there is certainly value in immersing yourself in the study of a particular style or genre of writing, as the old saying goes,

Jack of all trades, master of none,
though oftentimes better than master of one.

The second half of this couplet rings true especially for writers. As someone who has presented on a multi-genre pedagogical approach to writing at local and national writing conferences such as those held by the Florida College English Association and the Association for Writers & Writing Programs, I’d like to share how you may benefit from studying and composing in “all trades.”

You’ll best set yourself up for success if you’re able to devote a chunk of your time being exposed to literature in a variety of genres and mediums. While pursuing my MFA at UCF, I was especially lucky to be able to…

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