Special Edition: So You Want to Write a Sex Scene? by Leslie Salas

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of considerations to craft the perfect sex scene for your writing. Enjoy this guest post featured on 5writers!

Five Writers

5Writers.com welcomes guest blogger Leslie Salas to the site!

Leslie Salas

Leslie Salas holds an MFA in Creative Writing and is a graduate of a Publishing Institute. By day, she helps students in higher education master the art of effective communication and storytelling at an entertainment, media, and arts university. On nights and weekends, she writes in multiple genres, including poetry, prose, screenwriting, and comics. Her work has appeared in The Southeast Review, SmokeLong Quarterly, Burrow Press’ 15 Views, Volume II: Corridor, and more. She also serves as graphic nonfiction editor for Sweet: A Literary Confection, and frequently contributes to The Gloria Sirens. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


So You Want to Write a Sex Scene? 

Whether you’re writing a plot-driven or character-driven narrative (be it fiction or creative nonfiction), poetry, scripts, comics, video games, or any combination of the above, chances…

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