MOOC on Comics Books and Graphic Novels

One of the consequences of finishing my MFA and getting a certificate in Publishing was the bittersweet realization that this Fall would be the first time–since I was about 3 years old–that I would not be taking any classes! Sure, I’d be getting ready for my new big girl job (which starts tomorrow!), but… No classes? That’s weird.

Enter the MOOC–the massive open online course! These free courses are offered through some of the top educational facilities in the world on subjects from art history to law to even veterinary studies. A friend of mine recently pointed me to an article about a MOOC in comics–and I knew I had to sign up!

At first I was worried about whether or not I was putting too much on my plate by signing up for the course. As I mentioned, I’m starting a new full-time job in addition to continuing my volunteer editorships at two literary magazines and my weekly column at The Drunken Odyssey. Plus all of the writing and drawing I’ll be doing to keep up with my own creative works.

Once I looked at the syllabus and course description, I realized that this is definitely a course I could handle. I’d make time for it. So I’m happy to say that I’ve signed up for Comic Books and Graphic Novels, taught by Prof. William Kuskin of the University of Colorado – Boulder.

Once the course starts (in late September), I’ll be sure to give you updates about my particular experience. If you have the time and the inclination–perhaps you should sign up and take the course with me!


3 thoughts on “MOOC on Comics Books and Graphic Novels

  1. I’m taking the course too! Comics and graphic novels is a genre that is really worth studying. I hail from the Philippines, here the fusion of graphic novels and Filipino mythology is making great waves!

    Hope the course turns out well. :)

    • Hooray! I’m so excited to meet a fellow classmate! Thanks for commenting.

      I’d love to learn more about the fusion of graphic novels and Filipino mythology! I know there’s a lot of great stuff going on globally, but it’s so hard to get a wider perspective of things in the U.S. :( Do you have any information or resources you’d like to share?

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